Englishmen in our village

Πριν δυο χρόνια, μια ομάδα Άγλλων επισκέφτηκαν το χωριό μας και γράψαν σχετικά σε ένα blog που κρατάνε. Πού πήγαν; Ποιους/ες συνάντησαν; Τι ζήτησαν ν' αγοράσουν;

Arriving in the village of Kallithiro we set about locating some archaeology mentioned in the Blue Guide. The village is sited on top of ancient (4th to 3rd century BC) Kallithera and recent discoveries made when building new houses have been displayed by building the houses on stilts, leaving the ruins below. It is quite intriguing to walk along the street and suddenly find a stretches of ancient walls and road underneath a house. What is now called the 'Kastro' was Kallithera's acropolis and walls, towers and gateways are visible. Of course, a church has been built on top of the hill but fortunately they chose to build it outside the walls leaving the archaeology undisturbed.
On our way back though the village I decided to buy some eggs. The first shop only had chocolate eggs and the second shop didn't have any either but I decided to buy some of their tomatoes. When I went into the shop, the lady was watching a large screen television mounted on the wall. And there were William and Kate just about to take their vows. We were offered a seat by the young woman who was amused to find that we were English. So we watched the vows and the giving of the ring and, most important said Jane, we saw the dress! We could not believe our lucky timing – who would have expected to see the royal wedding in a Greek shop. Having said that, the Greeks press has been dominated by the wedding for weeks. Every radio and television news programme covered it – it was the only part that we understood!
We were asked again about our trip and with many smiles and wishes for a 'good holiday' we walked on to the van. Here we met a lady on a bicycle who launched into a great one-sided conversation. We explained that we were English and didn't understand Greek but that didn't stop her. We worked out that she was asking why we were there – the archaeology, the Kastro, where had we been and where were we going to? She gave us advice as to where we should go. It should be remembered that the Greeks are very religious and most of their trips involve churches or monasteries. Sure enough, although we only worked this out afterwards, she said that we should go to the nearby monastery of Petras. Many good wishes and she rode away. The Greeks are so welcoming and friendly!

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